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What makes us different?

The Furstner Group, Inc. offers a full range of financial products and services. We believe that tax strategies, retirement planning, and estate conservation should be top priorities for individuals and families of all ages and income ranges. Because many people regard financial planning as complex and confusing, they often miss out on many potentially rewarding financial opportunities. They also tend to take unnecessary risks and fail to adequately protect their assets. Our goal is to take the mystery out of investing, managing risk, preparing for retirement, and preserving your wealth. By helping you acquire the information you need to pursue your financial objectives, we hope to establish a long and trusted relationship with you.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to make a material difference in our client’s lives by proactively focusing on the critical financial issues that present themselves on a regular basis. We strive to assist our clients by bringing together research, perspective, experience and products so that sound financial decisions can be made. The focus is to foster the creation and preservation of wealth to establish financial independence today to help maximize the perpetuation of wealth for the benefit of generations to come.

The Furstner Group, Inc.

3003 Oak Road, Suite 250
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Eric Furstner, Wesley Yamada and James Diehl are registered representatives of and offers securities and investment advisory services through MML Investors Services LLC,. Member SIPC (The Furstner Group, Inc. 3003 Oak Road Ste 250 Walnut Creek, CA 94597, phone: 925-979-2305).  The Furstner Group, Inc. is not affiliated with MML Investors Services or its affiliated companies.

Eric Furstner offers Fee-based financial planning through The Furstner Group, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser.

Wesley Yamada and James Diehl are not affiliated with the Registered Investment Adviser.



We employ the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process (LEAP) to assist clients in analyzing the efficient use of their cash flows as part of our insurance planning practice. The LEAP process can help and identify existing resources to fund the products that can help them meet those objectives.

It is important to note that the LEAP process in not intended to and will not provide clients With a comprehensive financial plan, nor does it make recommendations regarding the purchase, sale or holding of variable products, mutual funds or other securities.